Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Municipal Market

This is the market where we like to do our shopping. Its official name is the Elias Mansour Municipal Market, but some people call it the "Colonists' Market" because the "colonists"--migrants from other regions settled in the Acrean countryside under government agriculture programs--come into town to sell their produce there.

Most vendors have pretty much the same stuff in the veggie section: lettuce, manioc (you can see it at bottom right), green onions (which usually come with a few sprigs of cilantro attached), mild peppers, sometimes onions, chayote, and a Brazilian veggie called maxixe (mah-shee-shee).

Behind where I stood to take this photo there is a fruit area, where you can usually find bananas, papaya, pineapples, avocados, and more exotic fruits like cupuassu and breadfruit. There is also another area through passages to the left where meat and fish are sold. Very fresh. Sometimes you see the vendors whacking the fish on the head to stop them flopping.

You don't tend to see people saying their veggies are organic or anything, and I really doubt that they are. But it's fresh and pretty cheap: a head of lettuce is about 5o cents, and really good river fish is about three bucks a pound.

The market looks a lot cleaner and nicer than it did on my last visit, in 2003. It got a makeover as part of the current government's vast project to beautify public spaces to increase the "self-esteem" of Acreans.

We don't get down to the market as much as we'd like--it's about four miles from our house. Fortunately, it's located right next to the central city bus terminal, so sometimes I stop by there when I'm downtown, load up on stuff, and ride the bus home. Posted by Picasa


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Blogger arran harvey said...

The market reminds me of some that we went to in Romania in Bucharest and Sibiu. I also noticed there that the cleanlines and general presentation of the markets and stores had improved between the 3 years that I had visited, of course things are more expensive now too as the western or global economy creeps in. But it was really nice to see how they were going all out to refurbish the central piazza and historical buildings in Sibiu since it was nominated as a"European Cultural Capitol. I was thinking about that reading the writings about how some people in Acre are trying to establish and present more of a sense of cultural identity.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Thiago Silva Hoff said...

Hello Matthew!

I find your blog on Altino´s blog.
I live in Rio Branco too and I also drink Daime.
I´m writing to inform that you can find organic stuff, including "palmito", on Saturday morning, like 8 am.
If you wanna more informations that I can help, my e-mail is

See you!
Thiago Silva Hoff

1:59 PM  
Blogger Augusto2901 said...

I always read and search for information about Acre. In Altino´s blog I always find interesting and updated news. Today, I´ve got very happy to know about your studies in Rio Branco, which I consider very interesting.

I lived in Serra Madureira for 2 years and even being far from there I still keep some friends from that wonderful place.

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